Ben Atueyi

Ben graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in law. Having an active interest in the blockchain Space since 2012, he became interested in its potential for solving co-ordination problems when considering some of the inadequacies of the law as a co-ordination tool. After time spent in the public sector, and then the traditional tech industry, he decided that exploring this potential was the most valuable use of his time.


Steven robinson

Steven graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy. Since then he has worked as a trader at Mako Global Derivatives, a leading options market maker and prop trading firm in London. He grew up captivated by technology and particularly interested in the ways it may impact our lives in the future. He believes decentralisation of both infrastructure and governance is critical to protect individual interests from that of big tech and align incentives in an increasingly more globally connected world.


Cameron Noble

Cameron was first exposed to the blockchain space in 2012 as an early bitcoin miner. Drawn initially by accessible financial infrastructure and permissionless protocols, his main interests are exploring the different kinds of problems that could be solved through decentralised collaboration. Cameron graduated from CTC Aviation and previously worked as a commercial airline pilot in the Middle East for a number of years.

Investment Analyst


George graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Integrated Business. Intrigued by bitcoin’s potential as an alternative to fiat currency since 2012, George eventually became enthused by DLT’s potential to fundamentally alter the way society interacts with and exchanges data. George believes that thoughtful application of blockchain technologies can help address many of the ethical and legal challenges presented by today’s data economy. After spending a number of years in the startup scene, George joined ARKN to help forge our decentralised future.

Partner Relationship Manager

Guanlan Mao

Guan graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and is beginning a doctorate at Oxford. He oversees the post-investment process, helping to keep projects on track by building an understanding of their needs, problem-solving, and connecting them to resources, communities and opportunities. He previously worked in mental health services in the NHS and has published academic papers on social and organisational psychology.